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Rebel Alliance

Rebel Troopers Unit Expansion

<ul> <li>This expansion pack contains a full squad of seven unique, highly detailed Rebel Trooper miniatures, each ready to fight…


Rebel Specialists Personnel Expansion

<ul> <li>Support your squads with the four unique, highly detailed Rebel Specialist miniatures included in this expansion! An Rebel officer…


Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion

<ul> <li>Take your <em>Star Wars</em>: Legion battles to the beaches of Scarif with the six unique, highly detailed miniatures featured in…


Rebel Commandos Unit Expansion

<ul> <li>Infiltrate an Imperial base with the seven unique, highly detailed miniatures included in this expansion pack! Five of the…


Leia Organa Commander Expansion

Inspire your troopers to fight for freedom with the single Leia Organa miniature featured in this expansion pack, depicted rushing…


Crashed Escape Pod Battle Expansion

R2-D2 and C-3PO set the classic Star Wars trilogy into motion when they crash landed on Tatooine, and you can…


Out Of Stock
Wookiee Warriors - SWL25
Out Of Stock
T-47 Airspeeder - SWL41
Out Of Stock
Rebel Veterans Unit Expansion - SWL39

With instincts honed in the trenches, Rebel veterans are often assigned the hardest and most vital jobs in the war…


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Chewbacca Operative Expansion - SWL24

<ul> <li>Stand alongside your friends with the single highly detailed Chewbacca miniature included in this expansion pack! Chewbacca stands ready…