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DS Japanese Orange Matte

Clear front & clear back.

Japanese size matte is a popular line of textured sleeves with superior handling. A perfect mix of shuffle feel and durability.

60 sleeves per box.
For cards measuring up to 59×86 mm
PVC-free polypropylene sleeves, no acid. Archival safe.
Box fits 40+ sleeved cards.

  • DP: DS: Japanese: Matte CL (60)
  • Manufacturer : Arcane Tinmen
  • MfgItemID : 11101

We strive to provide new innovative products to meet the need of the rapidly changing world we live in. Our goal is to provide products made with the finest material and consistent and high quality processes.


  • Dp – dragon shield japanese matte
  • 60 Sleeves per box


  • Color: Matte
  • Type of Game: Card Accessories Games
  • Weight: 0.18 lbs