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By Wizards of the Coast

Glitzy decadence. Hardboiled investigators. Muscled enforcers and five powerful families that run the city: Streets of New Capenna hits store shelves April 29, with Prerelease events kicking off at your local game store on April 22, and the MTG Arena and Magic Online releases following on April 28.

Just diving into the case here? For details on the new set, check out these articles covering all the facts you’ll need to know for Streets of New Capenna:

The List usually consists of 300 cards picked from across Magic‘s history. These appear about 25% of the time in the last card slot of Set Boosters. With each new set, a portion of these cards are replaced with cards that fit the latest set’s mechanics and themes.

But this time, things are a little different—one might even say . . .stranger. Now, The List includes Magic-themed versions of Secret Lair x Stranger Things cards. These feature art that is different from the Secret Lair drop but the cards are mechanically identical and count as the same card as found in the Secret Lair drop when building decks—you can use four in most cases, or just one if you’re playing Commander. (The artwork on cards featured in the Secret Lair drop remains unique to that product.)

Arvinox, the Mind FlailBjorna, Nightfall AlchemistCecily, Haunted Mage
Elmar, Ulvenwald InformantHargilde, Kindly RunechanterOthelm, Sigardian Outcast
Sophina, Spearsage DeserterWernog, Rider's Chaplain

What’s more, to accommodate the Secret Lair x Stranger Things cards, The List for Streets of New Capenna has fewer cards—67 total. Of those, 58 are from Magic‘s history that complement the narrative and mechanical themes of the set.

The overall distribution of The List cards in Set Boosters remains unchanged: they appear in the final card slot of Set Boosters about 25% of the time. On average, one in eight Set Boosters can potentially have a Magic-themed Secret Lair x Stranger Things card!

But there’s even more jazzing up The List this time. We’re always looking for new ways to enhance Set Boosters, so among those new cards from Magic‘s history is a special non-foil Rafiq of the Many featuring new art and the Streets of New Capenna golden age treatment!

Rafiq of the Many with art deco treatment

Note that cards that appear in The List are not made legal in Standard if they were not legal before; cards retain their usual legality for play in the various Magic formats.

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