Obituary: Meridian 59 and MMO developer Brian Green

Game developer and noted MMO advocate Brian “Psychochild” Green has passed away at the age of 46.

Green was a pillar of the game industry, particularly in MMO spaces, and played a key part in keeping the early MMO game Meridian 59 up and running during his time as CEO and co-founder of Near Death Studios from 2001 to 2010.

In the years since, Green took to sharing his knowledge, thoughts, and reflections on MMOs and beyond with other members of the game industry though his own blog posts while, recently, working on an unannounced online game.

A Facebook post from a close friend remembers Green as a gentle and kind soul that channeled that kindness into many things, including building communities within Final Fantasy XIV as a player where he “was regarded with incredible respect, as a bright light that illuminated the entire world around him,” remembers fellow game developer Elonka Dunin in that post. “Everyone who knew him, both online and offline, commented about his kindness. He was a very gentle soul, and will be missed.”

Dunin adds that those wishing to pay their respects to Green may make a donation to Save The Children in his name.

Credit: Obituary: Meridian 59 and MMO developer Brian Green