Apple eyes rolling Apple Arcade into bundles with other Apple-exclusive services

Apple is reportedly readying to announce a series of bundles that would roll several of its existing subscription offerings into packages with a more appealing price point than its current piecemeal system.

Sources speaking to Bloomberg say that the current plan is to offer different tiers of a new subscription plan current called Apple One, with each progressively pricier tier including more and more Apple services for a single monthly fee.

The exact structure of each bundle isn’t set in stone, but the goal for Apple is to use each enticing services bundle to bring more folks into Apple’s services ecosystem, which includes offerings like Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade, Apple’s premium game library that offers unlimited access to a walled-off and semi-exclusive library of iOS games in exchange for a $5 monthly fee, is said to be included in the second tier of the Apple One subscription alongside the tier-one offerings of Apple Music and Apple TV+.

A third tier of the program includes Apple News+ in addition to access to each of those earlier services, and a fourth tier does the same but sweetens the package with added iCloud storage space. Prices for each are not disclosed in Bloomberg’s report, but sources say each would be cheaper than subscribing to the included Apple services outright.

This report also follows only weeks after sources told Bloomberg that Apple was refocusing its Apple Arcade partnerships by backing out of deals with some developers and instead pivoting to chase down games that have a strong engagement hook to keep players subscribing to Apple Arcade month after month.

Credit: Apple eyes rolling Apple Arcade into bundles with other Apple-exclusive services